I'm adikato fenixcia.
I like emo and hello kitty.
I like presents.
I hate deceit.
My favorite food: Hot dogs and McDonalds. (take me there on a date).
Drink: milk, lemonade, Coca-cola.
I like blue, black and hot pink.
I am VERY scared of cockroach, lizards and rat.
Prank call me; and I'll talk to you if you keep me interested.
If you're going to be a bitch and mess with people on MY profile; I will kick you the fuck off. Kay?
I'm actually kinda shy.
I love romance; and the thought of being swept off my feet.
I don't like any season really. It's either too cold or too hot.
I don't like flip flops. They're SO annoying.
I love my crazy parents.
I love emo girls.
No one has ever bought me flowers.
If you're ugly and you talk shit; I'll point out everything wrong with you until you cry.
I'm actually a really nice person! I've just had to toughen up because people pick on me :l
Well, I love you.
I dont really know what else to say.
Not like anyone reads this because they all still ask my real name and it's the first sentence here.
Nice to meet you.